What It Takes To 3-D Print A Building
Echoviren is a 3-D printed pre-fab house--or, since it's only 10 feet tall, maybe more of a shack or tent.
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16-year-old turns bananas into bioplastic
Turkish student Elif Bilgin hopes her banana peel plastic could combat pollution and reduce the need for oil.
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Bioenergy Company Produces Fuel And Electricity From Waste
Ineos Bio says it's the first company to produce ethanol from waste on a commercial scale -- and it's ready to bring it to market.
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Watch The First 54 Seconds. That’s All I Ask.
How did they turn something once regarded as so gross into something so beautiful?
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Furoshiki - Techniques
furoshiki is a traditional japanese wrapping cloth, use it to wrap everything. Furoshiki can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or even as clothing
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Bea Johnson: Less is more
A year’s worth of solid waste from the home of Bea Johnson fits in a small glass jar. Here is the queen of zero-waste living.
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Solar-powered family car by Eindhoven University of Technology
Students at the Eindhoven University of Technology have unveiled what they claim to be the world's first solar-powered family car.
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Drayson Racing electric car sets new world speed record
Drayson Racing Technologies has broken the world land speed record for a lightweight electric car.
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Zip Around Your City on an Electric Skateboard
When you think about electric vehicles, skateboards are probably not first on the list.
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A Generator That Harnesses Energy From Ocean Currents
The magic of ocean currents is that they surround every continent on Earth and they run all day, every day. That’s what sets this energy source apart
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